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  1. dreams Image Via jorjabryn


    If you never dream big how will you ever realise your potential?

    By dreaming big you can push the boundaries and achieve things you never thought possible. By not dreaming you accept the mediocre and spend your days dong only what is expected of you. Listen to your heart and find out what makes you tick.

    Once you have your dream you can begin planning how to achieve it. Even the smallest of steps will make your heart sing as you inch ever closer to making your dreams a reality. Even if you do  not have the resources to make your dreams come true just yet that doesn't need to be an insurmountable obstacle. Thanks to platforms like Kickstarter and Crowdfunder and the belief of others anything is possible! The only limit is your creativity.

    All you need to do is set up a project that articulates your dream and explain what you would do with the funding you receive. Then in return for an array of perks anyone from around the world can show their belief in you and pledge to back your dream.

    I am currently supporting two amazing projects and the dreams of two former blogcadettes whose dreams are as big as their hearts!

    First up is Veronica Varlow who wants to make her dreams come true in feature film form. Watch the video, fall in love with her story and then head over to Kickstarter to find out more!



    Then the lovely Emily of Fishee Designs  needs your help to make her dream come true and elevate her photo booth service to even sparklier heights. Her plans for a new and improved booth look amazing and with a host of perks in return whats not to love? Watch the video to see Emily in action and then check out Crowdfunder to see how your money could help.



    So pay it forward and support the dreams of others because you never know when you may need others support to make yours come true!


  2. Rockabilly on a Budget


    It took me years to find out my personal style trying everything from boho chic to grungey rock babe but one magical day in a vintage shop in Leeds the penny finally dropped. I came across a beautiful 1950's dress with fitted bodice, full skirt and the most adorable print I had ever laid eyes on. From that moment on I fell in love with vintage and rockabilly inspired style and my wardrobe is now bursting at the seams with wiggle dresses, circle skirts and cropped shirts.

    But what about if you are still figuring out your style and don't fancy shelling out a fortune on a whole new wardrobe? Dont worry I've got you covered! Here is my pick of a few budget basics to allow you to try out rockabilly style without a huge financial commitment.

    Here are my top ten essential buys to give your look a retro makeover.

    1. Red lipstick. Nothing finishes off a rockabilly look better than a slick of red lipstick, it can take some time to find the shade for you but there is a red out there for everyone! My current budget fave is from the Kate Moss for Rimmel collection.

    2. An oversized hair flower. For a quick hair transformation try an oversized rose for instant rockabilly chic.

    3. A high waisted pencil skirt. Hug those curves and give your walk a wiggle, go for one in black for mix and match versatility. I love this New Look one and it comes with its own built in belt detail saving more money for cocktails!

    4. A fitted cardigan. Go plain with a cute embroidered motif or leopard print. I love this cherry print one for Rockabilly style dressed up with a skirt or casual with some cute jeans.

    5. A cropped shirt. Cropped shirts work amazingly with everything from skirts to jeans, this flamingo print shirt is just too adorable!

    6. Tattoo inspired jewellery. There is a massive selection of tattoo inspired accessories out there to suit every personality and budget! I love this Bete Noire Pin Up necklace

    7. A circle skirt. Circle skirts are fun and feminine and give you a gorgeous nipped in waist but don't think you can only get these from repro labels and specialist shops. This asos number is a sale bargain!

    8. A petticoat. Petticoats are a must for creating fullness underneath skirts and dresses, go for one in black or red to begin with to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. This one comes in four colours and costs less than a bottle of wine!

    9. For special occasions a circle dress is always a great option they are fun, flirty and always make a statement.  This one from Lindy Bop comes in two colours and I am in love with the american diner inspired detailing!

    10. A badass attitude. Channel your inner Wanda Woodward and rock it!



  3. halloween discount


    Halloween is one of my favourite times of year. As a horror movie addict and all year round fancy dress enthusiast, Halloween combines two of my favourite things with the addition of a truckload of sweets and pumpkin spiced everything. What's not to love?

    To celebrate I am offering a huge 20% discount and a free mystery gift on all orders placed before the witching hour tonight. Or midnight as its also known. Just enter the code TRICKORTREAT at the checkout.

    Now I'm off for a day filled with pumpkin carving, homemade caramel apples and a spooky movie marathon. What are your plans for all hallows eve? Let me know on twitter.

    Have a spooktacular day!

  4. Happy monday everyone! This week is going to be a hectic one for me so please excuse my internet absence. It's all for good reason though because not only do I finish up my last few days at the day job but I'm manically prepping for not one but two events this weekend! (Please send coffee and wine!)




    First up is Bert and Gerts Urban Market on Saturday in Birmingham. The urban market is held on the first weekend of every month at The Square in Birmingham, I have attended this event in the past and always meet the loveliest traders and customers. So if you're at a loose end and fancy a bit of pre-christmas shopping pop along and say hi!




    Next up is a new one for me. The Lichfield Vintage Fair is hosted monthly by Absolutely Vintage Darling in the stunning Lichfield Guildhall. They also host other dates around Staffordshire every month so if you love vintage or a little retro inspired loveliness pop along and have a nosy.

     I'm very excited to get out there and meet lots of awesome new people with my goodies. I will also have lots of new designs to show off that haven't been added to the website and maybe even a special offer or two. (If that isn't enough to convince you to come down, I also keep sweets with me at all times :-D)

    Bye for now lovelies, have an awesome week and maybe I will see some of you at the weekend.

    Holly xxx

  5. 7576014514_8c4030ec70_c

    Image via

    You have no idea how happy I am to be writing this. I currently have my laptop back after nearly three long weeks without it! Teaming a hospital stay with the world's clumsiest but still adorable husband and the slowest home insurance company I have ever experienced and you have one very frustrated blogger on your hands!!!

    My mood was not improved by the fact that for some reason create would not let me upload blog posts on my mobile for some reason. (Note to self - I think I may have to switch to wordpress after all!)

    Life has been fairly hectic the last few weeks. My mini monster turned four, I celebrated my first wedding anniversary and drum roll please... I handed in my notice at my day job! So a week today I shall be a full time creative and supposedly grown up business lady whoop!

    Making the decision to go full time with my business and give up the guaranteed pay cheque every month has been utterly terrifying but unbelievably liberating at the same time. Fear has crept up on me every so often but thanks to an incredibly supportive husband and family I have had the strength to bite the bullet and tell fear to shut the hell up! On a related note if you havent heard about Gala Darlings DARE/DREAM/DO check it out now! I'm only on day 5 but I'm hooked, this lady really knows her stuff. Also check out the very lovely Fifi's post on mindsets holding you back from success - it's bloody awesome!

    Expect lots more from me in the next few weeks as I make the most exciting journey I have ever decided to take and if you know anyone who likes their accessories on the quirky side point them in my direction ;-)

    Holly xx