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    Sundays are the home of fuzzy heads, saturday night memories and lazing around in your pajamas. So here are my favourite links from around the interweb from this week to nurse you through your morning coffee.

    Fabulous blogcadette Che's 10 Random facts to use at your dinner party tonight made me giggle and her illustrations are awesome!

    How do you feel about to-do lists? I'm pretty much dependant on them but this definitely made me stop and think.

    When creepy children, scary movies and vintage adverts combine the results are just well weird. Just look!

    How do you feel about Miley? As ever I think The Oatmeal pretty much has it nailed!

    I loved Emily's advice on justifying your worth in business.

    And finally if you're stuck for something to do today I love this DIY from a pair and a spare.

    Hopefully some of that has brightened up your Sunday and momentarily distracted you from the fact that Monday is looming!

    Same time next week.

    Holly xxx

  2. fash-comp-001

    Photograph: Channel 4


    Hands up who watched Fabulous Fashionistas this week? If you didn't then I suggest you go and find it on catch up now!

    This show about a group of women with an average age of 80 made me grin from ear to ear. These women epitomise how I feel life should be lived!

    They live for themselves, they live life to its fullest and they give zero f*cks about what anyone else thinks of them. They are truly in love with life and determined to make every day count.




    Society is full of preconceptions and expectations; but will the world really end if we refuse to conform?

    Does getting older mean you should be spending your days shuffling around supermarkets and watching Coronation St in your slippers? Wouldn't the world be a brighter, more vibrant, more interesting and generally awesome place if more of us stood up and said no?

    No I will not fade away!

    No I will not tow the line!

    I refuse to conform, I will defy expectations!

    Even as a relatively young person I still feel the pressure of these expectations. I encounter these preconceptions on a near daily basis. Complete strangers feel the need to offer their "opinions" on my hair, the clothes I wear and the dreams I have. They do not understand why I do not want to live life as a corporate corpse but instead want to build a career and a business for myself! My response to these opinions is that without people like me the world would be a very boring place!

    So I for one plan to carry on following these inspiring women's lead and grabbing hold of life with both hands. My rainbow hair, technicolour fifties wardrobe and big dreams are going nowhere!

    Heres to being fabulous forever and always.

    Holly xxx

  3. autumn mood board

    Well if recent weeks are anything to go by summer has well and truly left us. Autumn has arrived with a blustery bang and I for one am already craving cosy knits, hot chocolate and my huge furry coat!

    The change in seasons also means it's very nearly time to launch my A/W 13 accessories! I have been pinning like crazy gathering inspiration and drooling over fabrics! You can check out the rest of my pinterest board here. Expect lots of tartan, rich velvet, beautiful rich colours and a bit of sparkle too!

    In the meantime you can still get 40% off some beauties in my end of summer sale or shop for some seasonal kitsch in the halloween horrors collection.

    What's your favourite thing about autumn?

    Holly xxx

  4. cymera_20130913_185258


    What happens when you bring together three of the biggest blogging megababes in the business for a 2 day blogging workshop? The answer quite simply is magic!

    Last weekend I attended The Blogcademy a 2 day blogging workshop with a difference!The brainchild of radical self love mega babe Gala Darling, pink haired alternative wedding blogger extraordinaire Kat Williams and uber stylish design guru Shauna Haider. The Blogcademy banishes all thoughts of your stereotypical blogging course, pushing aside SEO and Meta Descriptions (yawn!) in favour of creating killer content, bang on branding and pushing boundaries! Plus as an added bonus the lovely Sophie of Crown & Glory was there to assist the headmistresses for the weekend. As a previous blogcadette and serious business success story it was fantastic to be able to gain her insight too and gossip about glitter obviously.                  




    When it comes to blogging these three ladies have seen it all, they have taken charge and they have created their own futures through sheer hard work and determination. Over the course of two days they covered every topic, answered every question and shared their expertise. (and their cake too!)




    In the run up to The Blogcademy I was incredibly nervous. I am not the girl that glides effortlessly through social situations - what if I had nothing to say? Would it matter that my blog wasn't up and running yet? Would the information go over my head?

    Thankfully I had nothing to worry about! My fellow blogcadettes were an amazing inspiring bunch - just being in a room with that many passionate driven people is intoxicating. The headmistresses were charming, helpful down to earth mega babes. Covering the topics in their own inimitable bad ass style - no jargon required! These three women exude such passion it is impossible not to feel inspired. They are encouraging and engaging and their no bullshit take on the world around them is infectious.




    Inside Curtain Road Studios surrounded by perfectly on brand decor & fabulous blogcadettes, with a belly full of cake and sweets, my brain overflowing with everything I had learned something magical happened - I began to believe!

    I began to believe in myself, in my plans for the future, in what is possible in life and in what i can create in my future if I live my life with passion. I have never felt so refreshed, inspired and excited by what the future may hold.

    So thank you Kat, Gala & Shauna for creating a workshop that has taught me more than I ever thought possible!


    Holly xxx


  5.  Top Tips for seeing the sparklier side of life



    Sometimes in life it is all too easy to get bogged down in negativity and forget all of the wonderful amazing things that make life so special! So here are my tips for making you a happier person inside and out. Because you are amazing and you deserve to be happy.


    Accept that you are perfect just as you are

    Stop focusing on “imperfections”, you don’t need to lose weight, earn more, be the fountain of knowledge on world politics or have an amazing social life. Instead focus on all of thing things that are truly amazing about you, make a list of all the things that make you fucking fabulous. Write a list and put it next to your mirror or in your bag to look at whenever the feelings of self-doubt start to creep in.


     Stop trying to fit in

    It is much easier to be happy with yourself when you aren’t constantly comparing yourself to others. Always do what feels right for you; the opinions of other people will not make you happy - knowing that you are doing what feels right to you will! We are all unique in our own amazing ways, celebrate this!


    Do something for someone else

    Spread the love... doing things for other people is a great way to increase your inner happiness. Happiness is contagious, it radiates and in life you get back what you put in. Take some time from your own life to do something for someone else – volunteer for a charity, donate to a women’s shelter, take the neighbour’s dog for a walk or make that visit to your grandparents. Taking time out from your schedule to help another person will leave a big goofy grin on your face.


     Let go of negativity

    It is inevitable that occasionally bad things will happen, what is not inevitable is how you deal with it. Do not let the bad things that happen take over, ask yourself if it will matter in twelve months time? 9 times out of 10 the answer will be no. Take a step back from the situation; do not let a setback overwhelm you! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on growing and evolving as a person.


    Find your passion

    Take some time to do something you’re passionate about even if it’s just a few hours a month. It can be anything baking, sky-diving, dressmaking or writing Supernatural fan fiction. The only thing that matters is that it’s something just for you. Do not tell yourself you “don’t have time” everyone deserves time to indulge themselves. This is even more important if you feel as though your life is taken over by your job, children, family etc. As I said before happiness radiates, a happier you will make those around you happier. A bit of self indulgence is good for the soul.


    Life doesn’t need to change dramatically for you to be happy

    Now obviously there are exceptions to this rule, but for most people this statement stands true. You’re life may not be the perfect entity you think it needs to be but trust me you can still be happy. Take a tip from radical self love goddess Gala and make gratitude lists. Just spending a few minutes each day making note of the things that make you happy can drastically change your perspective! Take the time to think about the things you are grateful for, this can be anything from your family to pink lipstick or lazy Sunday mornings in bed watching old movies. 

    Happiness is not about having everything. It is about how you interpret what’s right in front of you. Live your life with passion and the rest will follow,

    Holly xxx