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  1. Prosecco Heaven at The Painted Lady

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    A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to be invited to an amazing event. The very lovely Sarah of The Prosecco Diaries organised an amazing evening of prosecco tasting, cheese, bloggers and some good old-fashioned pampering at super cool vintage salon The Painted Lady in Shoreditch.

    After hopping on a train from the midlands to the city I arrived at The Painted Lady and immediately fell a little bit in love. Spread over two floors the salon is a little haven filled with stunning decor details. The exposed brickwork, fairy lights, art deco furniture, working record players and even taxidermy come together to create an uber cool piece of paradise in the centre of Shoreditch. ( I will definitely be booking myself in next time I'm in london!)
    Always the early bird I was the first one to arrive while our lovely host was getting her hair done, it was a cunning plan on my part as it meant I got first dibs on the yummy pink arrival cocktail! Sarah created a beautiful rhubarb and custard cocktail that was sneakily lethal after a few glasses hic!

    Soon we were joined by the lovely Helen, Che, Nicole, Amy, Lucy, Ellie, Plum, Charley and Kristabel who were the perfect ladies to spend an evening quaffing prosecco with!

    The next few hours were spent getting our nails did, having our hair primped and preened and indulging in lots of yummy M&S cheese, seriously girly cupcakes and bottle after bottle of prosseco very generously provided by Marks and Spencer (Bellant NV and Prosecco Zardetto NV), Tesco (Finest Prosecco NV), The Co-operative (Co-operative Prosecco), Sainsbury's (Taste the Difference Prosecco) and Waitrose (Waitrose Prosecco)

    After much giggling, gossiping and prosecco guzzling it was time to rate our favourites. Although all of them tasted pretty darn good to me my winner of the evening was the prosecco from Waitrose I could have quite happily carried on drinking it all night! (I doubt my head would have thanked me in the morning though)
    I only wish that all evenings could be spent chatting with some incredible bloggers, stroking Nelson the fox, drinking bubbles out of vintage teacups and getting my nails done by the lovely Tina of Shoreditch Nails, my manicure even lasted a full seven days which is definitely some kind of record for me!

    I very sadly had to leave the party early to get my train back to Birmingham - majorly sad times!!! But to cheer me up I headed on my way with a goodie bag filled to the brim with some seriously fabulous things!


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    This isn't even everything! We were treated to gorgeous floral tweezers, eyelash curlers and some flirty eyelashes from The Vintage Cosmetic Co, fun acrylic earrings and hair clips from Punky Pins whose new valentines collection definitely has my heart a flutter, some quirky temporary tats and nail decals from Inkwear and some vintage perfect seamed stockings from the amazing What Katie Did. Not to mention one of the must haves for any red lipstick wearer - some Lipcote, pretty stationary from The Magic Notebook, amazing hair products from Davines, more Hampstead tea than you can shake a stick at, beautiful accessories from Gemma Bishop, luxury chocolate goodness from Melt and a very cheeky calendar from The Cheek Of It Burlesque. I also provided some super sparkly heart shoe clips for my fellow bloggers to pretty up their shoes with!

    Included in our goody bags were some very generous discount codes from Heyday! vintage, Vivien of Holloway, The Vintage Cosmetic Company and some free passes for Frame Shoreditch so we can get our workout on!

    I would like to give a massive thank you to Sarah for organising, the staff at The Painted Lady for being amazing, the sponsors for being so incredible generous and to all the lovely ladies that attended for being so much fun to gossip with! Here's hoping there shall be another one very soon!!!


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  2. The Importance of Dreaming Big

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    If you never dream big how will you ever realise your potential?

    By dreaming big you can push the boundaries and achieve things you never thought possible. By not dreaming you accept the mediocre and spend your days dong only what is expected of you. Listen to your heart and find out what makes you tick.

    Once you have your dream you can begin planning how to achieve it. Even the smallest of steps will make your heart sing as you inch ever closer to making your dreams a reality. Even if you do  not have the resources to make your dreams come true just yet that doesn't need to be an insurmountable obstacle. Thanks to platforms like Kickstarter and Crowdfunder and the belief of others anything is possible! The only limit is your creativity.

    All you need to do is set up a project that articulates your dream and explain what you would do with the funding you receive. Then in return for an array of perks anyone from around the world can show their belief in you and pledge to back your dream.

    I am currently supporting two amazing projects and the dreams of two former blogcadettes whose dreams are as big as their hearts!

    First up is Veronica Varlow who wants to make her dreams come true in feature film form. Watch the video, fall in love with her story and then head over to Kickstarter to find out more!



    Then the lovely Emily of Fishee Designs  needs your help to make her dream come true and elevate her photo booth service to even sparklier heights. Her plans for a new and improved booth look amazing and with a host of perks in return whats not to love? Watch the video to see Emily in action and then check out Crowdfunder to see how your money could help.



    So pay it forward and support the dreams of others because you never know when you may need others support to make yours come true!


  3. Making an investment in myself

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    What happens when you bring together three of the biggest blogging megababes in the business for a 2 day blogging workshop? The answer quite simply is magic!

    Last weekend I attended The Blogcademy a 2 day blogging workshop with a difference!The brainchild of radical self love mega babe Gala Darling, pink haired alternative wedding blogger extraordinaire Kat Williams and uber stylish design guru Shauna Haider. The Blogcademy banishes all thoughts of your stereotypical blogging course, pushing aside SEO and Meta Descriptions (yawn!) in favour of creating killer content, bang on branding and pushing boundaries! Plus as an added bonus the lovely Sophie of Crown & Glory was there to assist the headmistresses for the weekend. As a previous blogcadette and serious business success story it was fantastic to be able to gain her insight too and gossip about glitter obviously.                  




    When it comes to blogging these three ladies have seen it all, they have taken charge and they have created their own futures through sheer hard work and determination. Over the course of two days they covered every topic, answered every question and shared their expertise. (and their cake too!)




    In the run up to The Blogcademy I was incredibly nervous. I am not the girl that glides effortlessly through social situations - what if I had nothing to say? Would it matter that my blog wasn't up and running yet? Would the information go over my head?

    Thankfully I had nothing to worry about! My fellow blogcadettes were an amazing inspiring bunch - just being in a room with that many passionate driven people is intoxicating. The headmistresses were charming, helpful down to earth mega babes. Covering the topics in their own inimitable bad ass style - no jargon required! These three women exude such passion it is impossible not to feel inspired. They are encouraging and engaging and their no bullshit take on the world around them is infectious.




    Inside Curtain Road Studios surrounded by perfectly on brand decor & fabulous blogcadettes, with a belly full of cake and sweets, my brain overflowing with everything I had learned something magical happened - I began to believe!

    I began to believe in myself, in my plans for the future, in what is possible in life and in what i can create in my future if I live my life with passion. I have never felt so refreshed, inspired and excited by what the future may hold.

    So thank you Kat, Gala & Shauna for creating a workshop that has taught me more than I ever thought possible!


    Holly xxx