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  1. Sunday Morning Coming Down 28.09.13

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    Well this week had been less than an exciting for me, I have done battle with a viral infection that has left me in a pyjama wearing crumpled heap (oh the glamour!) Just so you understand the seriousness my face has been make up free for and my hair has been lucky if its seen a brush never mind a victory roll - I feel like I am breaking one of my commandments! On the plus side this has left plenty of time to aimlessly wander the web for my favourite links of the week.

    So here are my picks to nurse you through your fuzzy head and morning coffee.

    Collectifs sneak peak at their autumn/winter collection made me squee with delight - I may need to hide my bank card!

    Lynsay finished of her series of posts to cure your mid-week blues, so many great ideas to perk up your mood.

    Hands up who has been guilty of hate-reading

    Do you have a bullshit job?

    This guy put a smile on my face - I'm always tempted to do this!

    And finally who doesn't want doughnut shaped balloons? If you don't then why not?  Make your own here.

    Hope your week has been much more glamorous and exciting than mine!

    Same time next week.


    Holly xxx