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  1. Soundtrack to my week 01.10.2013

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    This week the time has come for me to get off my ass and get shit done! I have lots of very exciting changes coming over the next few weeks and although part of me is terrified I cannot flipping wait! I have lots of hard work ahead and i'm still not sure where it will take me but I am ready for the adventure.

    I need to get my head down, power on and grab every available oppourtunity. So the queen of rockabilly Wanda Jackson is providing me with the perfect soundtrack in the form of "Hard headed woman". Wanda Jackson is an original rock n roll bad-ass, a pioneer for women in rockabilly plus she dated Elvis!

    Everytime I feel overwhelmed or scared i'll think of Wanda, be a hard headed bad-ass woman and let nothing stand in my way!


    Holly xxx